Pamela Reif

Pamela is not only one of the Forbes 30 under 30, but also Europe's fitness icon. She is a woman full of power and energy - her creative mind blooms with new ideas. Her long blond hair and perfectly trained body have a high recognition effect. She inspires her community daily with her positive vibes, daily fitness guides, and creative food ideas. Day by day, she shares glimpses of her fitness routine, healthy recipes, and daily life.


Noel is THE dance icon on TikTok. He inspires an audience of millions with his signature dances and his amazing afro. His personality and talent have earned him a loyal fan base and his videos always reach a high number of views and shares. His presence on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube has also earned him a place on the international social media scene.


Millane is one of the biggest German TikTokers with international content. Her content is very personal - she talks a lot about her faith, values and inspiration. She expresses her creativity in her famous Outfit Inspirations Reels and TikToks. Besides fashion, she also inspires her community with GRWM's, beauty hacks and comedy videos on TikTok.


Emilia is a real power woman who motivates her community daily to become the best version of themselves. She's always here to give some tips and tricks when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, as well as fitness and health. Her ambition is to constantly deliver high-end and authentic content. The result is an above-average performance and a broad target group.


Nonakanal has built up an enormously strong community that she takes with her into her everyday life. Her content revolves around beauty hacks, her own fashion brand "Shades" and couple content with her boyfriend Keanu. Nona's authenticity and charm set her apart and captivate her followers.

Willy Whey

Willi stands out due to his uniqueness, which is evident not only through his distinctive tattoo style but also in his rustic way and his content. His presence on social media provides his community with deep insights into his life and exciting travels, always presented with a tasteful look that has become his personal trademark. As a passionate motorcycle enthusiast, Willi enjoys sharing impressions of his biking adventures while having his loyal companion, the Rottweiler Chopper, by his side.


Avemoves - the dancer with the mask. Not only is his mask a recognizable feature, but also his extraordinary dance moves. In a very short amount of time, Avemoves managed to become one of the most relevant dance creators on social media. He uses his influence to collaborate with other top-notch artists, bringing trends to life. Avemoves is one of the biggest faces for the brand Adidas.

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